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Leisure Sundecks was established in 1990. We pride ourselves in quality and customer satisfaction in every job we do. Bill van Tonder, owner of Leisure Sundecks, has been in the Building Industry for 35 years, specialising in outdoor timber structures and Exotic Hardwood flooring for the past 23 years.

With our skills and experience, you can be sure that your wooden sundeck, patio, balustrade, stairs, wooden floors or whatever else you’re looking for, will be custom-made and built to perfection, to be admired by all.

Should you have any further queries with regards to our company or any of our products or services, please contact us and we will assist you to the best of our ability.


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Theae are some of the common queries we get asked and have answered over the years offirng the best advice to our customers.

Should the design of your sundeck accommodate benches, chairs, perhaps a table for outdoor dining?
It is important to consider how you will be furnishing your sundeck before we begin building it. For example, by simply adding benches to your sundeck, you can increase the amount of seating area without sacrificing the amount of functional space on your sundeck.
How many people might be using the sundeck at any given time?
The answer to this question impacts the way we build your sundeck, both aesthetically and structurally.
Will there be any hotspots (areas where sunlight persistently hits the sundeck)?
If the answer is yes, then you have the perfect area for sunbathing. However, if you prefer to have more shade, then the addition of an overhead arbor to create subtle shaded area on your sundeck may be the solution!
Is there an existing deck or other structure that the new structure must accommodate?
Even though it might look simple on paper, sometimes it does require a lot of extra labour to build around or tie into existing structures. When constructing a new sundeck, we are able to build it as level as possible, but existing structures are often not level, and extra work is necessary to cleanly tie the two together. Also, as an example, if you own a jacuzzi, there will be extra work and materials involved in making the area of the sundeck that supports it structurally sound.
What type of privacy, if any, do you require?

Privacy is an important consideration with some sundeck designs. You may want to include a jacuzzi on the sundeck or have the sundeck built against an aboveground pool, so privacy in the visual sense is an obvious issue.

However, privacy from noise is another thing often overlooked. Some houses are close to highways or busy streets, others have noisy neighbours and some of us can be noisy ourselves. By incorporating fences or privacy-screens into your sundeck, you can reduce the amount of noise and produce a higher degree of privacy from your surrounding area.

What will the view from your sundeck be like? Will you want to emphasize or mask any particular areas?

The design of your sundeck is greatly influenced by the answers to these questions. A multi-level sundeck may provide you with a better way to take advantage of the scenic views your property offers, while the use of fencing or privacy-screens may help disguise unsightly areas when viewed from your sundeck. The proper positioning of stairs and landings is also influenced by the features that surround your sundeck.


Can I install exotic hardwood flooring in my kitchen or bathroom?

Yes, but you will need to be more careful of liquid spills. Any spills on a hardwood floor should be wiped up quickly and an area rug should be put in front of sinks or tubs where water may splash or spill onto the floor.

How do I clean my exotic hardwood floor?

Never use wax, oil–based detergents or any other household cleaners on your hardwood floors. These may dull or damage the finish. Do not use water on your hardwood floor either. Invest in a quality wood polish that is designed to clean hardwood flooring.

How do I keep my furniture from scratching my floors?

Use felt pads under all furniture, including chairs, in order to ease their movement and prevent scratches on the hardwood floor. Check and replace the felt pads when dirty or worn.

Can dogs scratch exotic hardwood floors?

Yes. Even with the new stronger finishes, a dog’s nails can scratch exotic hardwood flooring. The best way to prevent this is to keep the dog’s nails trimmed. If damage to the floor is extensive, you can lightly sand the wood and apply a new varnish coat.

Will light affect my new flooring?

Most exotic hardwood floors will change slightly as they age. Some, however, will turn much darker when they are exposed to light.

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